About Me

Who am I? Apparently I am a writer of sorts. 

Unless you stumbled onto this page by mistake, you likely know me from my work for Privateer Press on the Iron Kingdoms setting (and associated RPG line and the HORDES and WARMACHINE miniature games), which kept me very busy from 2001 to 2019. This included world building, RPG game writing and design, miniature game background material, and a large volume of associated fiction including short stories and a single novel. I loved doing this work but haven't touched anything in that setting since that time, so can take neither blame or credit for newer products or fiction. 

I have more recently been doing freelance work for several other companies, particularly Modiphius, and feel honored to contribute to world building and fiction for the upcoming Cohors Cthulhu setting and games. There will be more on that as it becomes public. I have a few other irons in the fire related to RPG work that is as yet unfinished.

I’ve collaborated with a large number of brilliant and creative people in the course of this, including other writers, editors, artists, and game designers. I’m primarily a fantasy writer though I dabble in science fiction, horror, and other related genres.

My first published work was writing computer game reviews. Video games are still a passion of mine. I’m also an active roleplaying gamer, reader, and voracious consumer of stories in all forms (TV, movies, comic books, tabletop games, music, podcasts, anything).